Sunday, December 1, 2013

Introduction: Why Autism "Spectra."

I have a "Mental Health Knowledge" blog, but thanks to my preparations for two full-day workshops on Autism Spectrum Disorders, I have enough information to fill blog posts for a long time, maybe write some articles too (it's been a while).
My inspiration for the name "Spectra" is that it I was just writing that it is a mistake to think that the new DSM-5 diagnosis of "Autism Spectrum Disorder" means that there is just one dimension along which people on the spectrum vary; they can vary in as many ways as neurotypicals can, and in several major ways that are relevant to autism.
So, if you think of a spectrum as being like the EM Spectrum with just one scale, then I'll make a point of saying that in ASD, there is not just one Spectrum:  there are Spectra.

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