Monday, December 2, 2013

ASD up to date website list

I am presenting two full-day workshops this week on Autism Spectrum Disorders.  As part of my prep, I updated my list of websites with information helpful to people on the spectrum and those who care about them or are seeking more information.  I recommend each of these.
Every site below is one I have visited in November 2013, so they should be up to date, so I can guarantee no dead links if you're seeing this post in 2013, and if you comment below on any broken links or new sites for me to recommend, I'll keep it updated.  These are in the order I came across them this month, not any order of priority.
I originally posted this at my general mental health blog,, but I have so much ASD material, it may be more useful to collect it here.  --trainings, conferences, resources for professionals, also lists of professionals with expertise  --parent resources, material on lifestyle issues such as safety and hygiene, focused on younger and more severe cases but material on Asperger’s too.  --descriptions, forums, although site is currently being rebuilt, only basic articles available. --Northern Ohio-based organization for families of people on the spectrum; offers social activities, empowerment network for parents, teen and adult services, and an annual conference in Cleveland in mid-June (I have not attended).  -- News from a foundation supporting research on autism causes and treatment.  Alternative to Autism Speaks. -- supports autism research with the hope of curing autism.   Not as sympathetic to the idea of autism as an alternative mind structure that can be part of a happy life.  Sympathetic to parents, in fact sees autism as a terrible tragedy affecting parents.  But it’s evolving, adding information for helping adults with autism. --Autism Spectrum quarterly, a “Magajournal” of personal stories, promotional pieces for treatment programs, and digested research information.  --News, especially science and policies  --general information and questions Widely trusted source, WebMD, assembling research information on autism, brain, and body. --Sponsored by the Autism Society of North Carolina, but has resources for everyone, is up to date, easy to use, with many topical categories, listing new items and sale items.  Much easier to use for searching than Amazon, which includes tons of self-published e-books as 80% of search results. --blog related to ASDs, lots of common sense advice to parents and teachers and clinicians. 
National Institutes of Health, under their National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke:
Recommended at the above website:
Autism Network International (ANI)
Autism National Committee (AUTCOM)
Autism Research Institute (ARI)
Autism Science Foundation
Autism Society of America 
    --links and to local resources, serves   clients, family members, professionals, advocates
Association for Science in Autism Treatment
--online practice in reading emotions by just looking at the eyes. Interactive Autism Network
   --  Opportunities to participate in research, link to researchers
   -- participate in an online community of families of people with autism  --by Lee Wilkinson, clinician and author of a lot of articles which aid in the undestanding and treatment of ASD

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